Our office space is located at 300 Baker Avenue, Concord, Massachusetts in Suite 200. Our office is located on the second floor of a corporate office building, which also houses companies such as Welch's and Kayak. The building has a corporate cafeteria that serves a variety of breakfast and lunch every weekday.

Research Labs

Our facility includes two usability testing laboratories, each with an observation room. We have one state-of-the-art medical simulation lab and one general usability lab. The medical lab includes a functioning hospital bed and/or exam bed, as well as a sink area with a sink and cabinets, sharps container, medical gloves, and other related supplies. Our other usability lab is unadorned so that we can modify it easily to simulate various environments (e.g., a home environment). We use both spaces to conduct individual and group interviews as well as usability tests. We have used these labs to study myriad medical devices, websites, and consumer products.

Our clients can observe test sessions from the attached observation room via a one-way mirror. They can communicate directly and confidentially with the study administrator using an instant messaging application.

We also conduct a large proportion of our user research at remote sites in the USA and abroad, renting meeting and usability testing rooms as needed (we have a directory of available facilities worldwide).

Study participants who show up early can relax in our waiting area, venture downstairs to the cafeteria, or take a short walk to West Concord Center (approximately 10 minutes).

West Concord

West Concord Village is approximately a ten-minute walk from our office. The Village has an eclectic assortment of stores, markets, and cafés, not to mention a high quality dog grooming parlor. The Village also has an MBTA commuter rail station, with trains running directly to Boston every 30-45 minutes. The ride to Boston takes about 50 minutes.

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